Sunday, December 4, 2016

superstar Wars: Episode IX to be shot on film, too

The force Awakens came out slightly a blink in the past and superstar Wars: Episode VIII isn't always due till December 2017, but already we've got one crucial element approximately the closing movie in the mini trilogy, Episode IX.
The film's director, Colin Trevorrow, discovered on the Sundance movie competition that the subsequent, next Episode may be shot on movie and now not virtual.
"I may want to never shoot famous person Wars on something however [film] as it's a length movie: It took place a long time ago!" Trevorrow quipped, in step with The Hollywood Reporter.
Trevorrow additionally shot Jurassic global on movie because he failed to need it to appear like " computer systems preventing." Episode VII chose film over virtual, and Episode VIII will, too, so Trevorrow is staying actual to the new films' taking pictures credo. The spinoff Rogue One: a celebrity Wars story is due out this 12 months and it will be a virtual affair, however.
JJ Abrams, director of The force Awakens, said he eschewed digital in choose of movie to capture the feeling of the cherished unique trilogy. It feels like Trevorrow and Episode VIII director Rian Johnson buy into that philosophy as nicely, or at the least took notice of the super achievement of VII and want to stick to a triumphing script.

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