Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Demonstration of 50GHz Ge waveguide electro-absorption modulator

future chip-level optical interconnects require incorporated optical modulators with stringent requirements for modulation performance and bandwidth, as well as for footprint and thermal robustness. within the supplied work, imec and its companions have advanced the latest for Ge EAMs on Si, figuring out better modulation velocity, better modulation efficiency and decrease capacitance. This become obtained by completely leveraging the strong confinement of the optical and electrical fields in the Ge waveguides, as enabled in imec’s 200mm Silicon Photonics platform. The EAM changed into applied together with diverse Si waveguide devices, especially efficient grating couplers, various lively Si devices, and high speed Ge photodetectors, paving the manner to industrial adoption of optical transceivers primarily based on this device.
 “This success is a milestone for understanding silicon optical transceivers for datacom packages at 50Gb/s and beyond,” said Joris Van Campenhout, program director at imec. “we've got evolved a modulator that addresses the bandwidth and density necessities for destiny chip-degree optical interconnects.”
organizations can benefit from imec’s Silicon Photonics platform (iSiPP25G) via mounted popular cells, or by means of exploring the functionality of their very own designs in Multi-venture Wafer (MPW) runs. The iSiPP25G era is to be had thru ICLink offerings and MOSIS, a issuer of low-cost prototyping and small extent production services for custom ICs.

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