Thursday, October 27, 2016

Quirky Robots Invade SXSW competition

watch out, Furby: you have got some opposition! numerous new robots showcased at the "robotic Petting Zoo" here at the South via Southwest (SXSW) Interactive pageant gave '90s-era robots a run for his or her cash. From an cute cardboard robotic that resembles the bot from the 1986 film "quick Circuit" to a six-legged creature that would beat every body in a staring contest, here are a number of the quirkiest robots visible at the conference.

bug eyes

The six-legged insectlike DAR-1 is a social robot that locks eyes with you and may not allow pass of your gaze, no matter how plenty you would love it to. The robot, made with a $forty motherboard, become trained to understand human faces via looking at hundreds of photos of human beings. curiously, the robot appears to have a particular fondness for women: while a group of people surround him, DAR-1 seems to select locking eyes with ladies, perhaps due to the fact the robot's training set protected more pictures of ladies.
Johnny five lookalike

This social robotic has a tiny cardboard face with winsome eyes and a wide, appealing smile. The bot asks private (a few might say nosy) questions when you press a button on its aspect. The robot is designed to foster intimacy and closeness with its questions, inclusive of, "What do you need to be when you grow up?"

Muppet baby?

any other robotic, referred to as Muppette, is a flying drone in order to consist of a three-D printer, a GPS tool, a laser variety finder and a copter. The all-in-one device is still under improvement.

construction group

The flying drone is designed to enter remote areas in which traditional transportation is missing. One opportunity is that a flock of Muppettes may want to move right into a far flung vicinity after a humanitarian disaster and deliver substances that are printed by the drone itself. The flying bots could also make up an self reliant construction crew, constructing matters on-web site as they paintings.

brain control drone

If the chance of the usage of a pc or a joystick to manipulate a drone feels like an excessive amount of work, this robot can be the solution. The flying drone (dressed here in a monkey dress of kinds) can be controlled through mind waves.A specially designed brain-wave device, which may be used by human beings with disabilities, controls the flying drone.


Even robots have playtime in recent times. This tool, referred to as the Ozobot, is a fun little robot that learns to navigate a route, flashing blue light as it movements alongside. The tiny bot is designed to understand the difference between mild and darkish lines, and is trained to observe the darkish ones.

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