Wednesday, January 4, 2017

you'll want to transport fast to seize this deal at the floor ebook and seasoned 4

if you were mulling over buying a surface book or surface pro four, then nowadays might be the time to make your circulate, as John Lewis is imparting a pretty clever deal on some variations of each devices.

The store is providing the same freebies Microsoft is bundling with those hybrids on its on-line keep – specifically a free surface Dock plus a pen tip kit – however on top of this, you get 10% off the rate, and additionally a 3-year guarantee.

it's a tasty aggregate indeed, and with any hardware, it is continually exact to have a pleasing wholesome assure period (Microsoft simplest provides a one-yr assure as trendy).

however, do notice you may need to move speedy as nowadays is apparently the last day for this deal, Neowin reports.
models on provide

on the time of writing, John Lewis has the floor book with Intel core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM with 128GB garage up for buy at £1,169, or you can plump for the version with 256GB storage for £1,439.

there's additionally the surface book with a center i7 CPU and 256GB garage on sale for £1,619, all of which provide the aforementioned 10% saving.

If it is the surface pro 4 which has your eye, then the device with a center i7 processor, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD has been reduced to £1,169, and there's additionally the version which doubles that RAM and garage up (16GB/512GB) on sale for £1,619.

be aware that the provide for the free docking station and pen tip package expires at the cease of the following day, instead of the end of these days for the ten% discount.

incidentally, if you have been considering watching for the floor e-book 2 to emerge rather than plumping for the original, you may have some time to wait – the latest buzz on the grapevine is that the sequel might be behind schedule to early 2017, seemingly due to design problems.

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