Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Samsung shipped the most smartphones last year, beating Apple

phone shipments across the world grew with the aid of 12% in 2015, accomplishing a document high of one.4 billion gadgets over the 12 month length – and Samsung still sits on pinnacle with the maximum devices.
Samsung shipped 320 million smartphones closing year, barely up at the 317 million it put out in 2014. Apple shipped 231 million gadgets in 2015, a large bounce from the 193 gadgets of the year earlier than.
Huawei jumped into third location for the first time, beating out Lenovo/Motorola. In 2014 the chinese manufacturer sent out 74 million devices; in 2015 year it shipped 107 million, an outstanding jump that is partially right down to a large increase in brand recognition in addition to a stronger position within the mid-tier marketplace.
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Fourth vicinity went to Lenovo and Motorola which dropped for the primary time, from the 93 million phones shipped in 2014 all the way down to 74 million in 2015.
Xiaomi took the fifth region role with 72 million devices in 2015, up from the sixty one million in 2014. all the other producers had a combined 637 million shipments in 2015, up on 2014's 546 million.
The figures come from a document by using method Analytics, a firm that has tracked smartphone income for a number of years.
typical in 2014, 1283 million phones were sold from all manufacturers blended, a total that jumped to 1442 million in 2015.
Even if you're not happy about Samsung being the most famous cellphone producer in 2015, we can all agree that telephones are the winner right here. And all of us love phones, right?

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