Friday, December 16, 2016


There are separate gadgets on offer from PawTrax for cats and puppies, despite the fact that the prices are the same. The Halo collar for cats weighs just over 20g and within reason slim, whilst the bigger S Plus for dogs is greater sturdy, and waterproof.
both use a pay-as-you-pass mobile telephone SIM card to song your pet – you send a textual content to the collar, and get a textual content back with a Google Map link to the pet's location.
there is also an non-obligatory internet platform for £25 in keeping with yr, which permits you to installation a geo-fence and track your puppy on a map in your browser.
you may additionally choose to use your personal SIM card and plan, however the use of the PAYG option most effective when you want it is probably more price-powerful. Battery existence ranges from 24 hours to two weeks, relying on utilization.

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