Wednesday, December 7, 2016

dual screen smartwatch unveiled

A Dartmouth researcher and his collaborators have unveiled a prototype of a smartwatch with dual touchscreens called Doppio.
The researchers provided their findings Wednesday on the CHI convention on Human elements in Computing structures. Watch a video of Doppio:
Doppio is a reconfigurable smartwatch with  contact-touchy show faces, one in every of which detaches from the wrist-bound display and may be stuck above or to the side. "The orientation of the top relative to the base and the way the top is hooked up to the bottom create a very massive interplay area," says Xing-Dong Yang, an assistant professor of laptop technology at Dartmouth.
in their presentation, the researchers discussed possible configurations, transitions and manipulations in this area. the use of a passive prototype, they performed an exploratory examine to probe how human beings would possibly use this fashion of smartwatch interplay. And with an instrumented prototype, they performed a controlled test to evaluate the transition instances between configurations and subjective choices. They used the blended consequences of those  research to generate a hard and fast of characteristics and layout considerations for applying this interplay space to smartwatch packages.
"Our evidence-of-concept hardware prototype demonstrates how Doppio interactions can be used for notifications, non-public viewing, challenge switching, transient records access, application launching, software modes, enter and sharing the pinnacle," Yang says.

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