Friday, November 4, 2016

'Snowfox' GPS phone enables parents maintain Tabs on young kids

a new, screenless telephone for younger kids could assist parents stay in contact with their children, with out the adults having to fear that their children are glued to smartphones.
the new device, known as Snowfox, additionally comes equipped with a GPS tracker, letting parents recognise wherein their children are, even as helping youngsters learn independence via permitting them to roam to places wherein they may be allowed.
the new "trackerphone" is a water-proof, 2 x 2-inch (five x 5 centimeters) square that comes in both pastel blue or crimson. It comes with a lanyard that permits it to be related to a key ring or carabiner hook.Snowfox's battery and occasional-strength electronics permit it operate for every week on a unmarried price, consistent with the enterprise. The tool can be recharged through a micro USB port.
A speaker and microphone allow -way telephone calls, and Snowfox's bendy antenna, which is hidden within a durable nylon tag, allows provide 3G and 2G provider.
The smartphone connects to a loose iPhone or Android app. The app can discover a unmarried infant, displaying his or her modern place and timeline of actions, as well as the battery level at the Snowfox. up to five guardians, along with dad and mom, grandparents and caretakers, can view a toddler's profile, the business enterprise stated.
The app also has a map view to show the region of all trackerphones related with the app. it could send alerts whilst kids have wandered in which they may be no longer authorised, and it could deliver notifications if they come or depart various locations.
every Snowfox includes an embedded SIM card, which comes with a nearby name-in quantity, making it ready for use right out of the container, the organisation said. limitless voice and statistics are available via a pay-as-you-move plan that prices about $10 per month.
there's just one button on Snowfox. to use it to make a call, the child presses the button, which sends a notification to all the listed guardians' smartphones. Any mother or father can then name the kid, who can answer the incoming call with the aid of urgent the button all over again. To make a call to a Snowfox smartphone, a parent or parent can dial its range or clearly use the app.
much less display screen time way that children could have greater time for play, said Ville Ylläsjärvi, a co-founding father of Haltian in Oulu, Finland, which designed and manufactures the device. Haltian's 80 or so employees are in the main former personnel of one-time cellular tool massive Nokia.
"I see way too many younger children with smartphones in recent times," Ylläsjärvi said. "simply looking around, you could see kids playing with their gadgets and no longer doing stuff youngsters need to be doing, like playing with buddies out of doors, being in social situations and additionally interacting with the world around you. There have been a couple of articles on kids stricken by not on time speech development, neck pains and posture improvement, which have been associated with excessive telephone usage at a completely younger age." [7 Ways to Short-Circuit Kids' Mobile Addiction]
Ylläsjärvi's family members use Snowfox. "For our circle of relatives, Snowfox Trackerphone has delivered a number of peace of thoughts," he said. "We have been capable of have our 6-yr-antique daughter to play out of doors within the garden and be notified nearly right away of her going to the playground round the corner."
"we have now additionally allowed her to go to a chum living a few homes down and have the ability to call her to come home," Ylläsjärvi stated. "Small however very significant things. i'm absolutely searching forward to her going to school subsequent year and being capable of be there for her and better within the understand of what she does."
devices that are similar to Snowfox encompass the GizmoPal from LG and the FiLIP from AT&T, however those come within the form of wristwatches, Ylläsjärvi said. "I assume our shape factor is extra flexible for every day use, permitting multiple manner for carrying," he said. "we've got also determined out that the wrist gadgets aren't as at ease to carry for the kid."
An Indiegogo crowdfunding marketing campaign for Snowfox commenced on June 28 and will remaining till Aug. four. up to now, the mission has raised more than $21,000 of its $50,000 intention. If the marketing campaign receives funded, Haltian pursuits to begin transport Snowfox to its backers in October.
Snowfox can be available in 10 countries to begin — the us, Canada, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. extra international locations can be introduced in the course of the Indiegogo campaign, the business enterprise said. The device is already on sale in stores in Finland.

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