Monday, November 21, 2016

Boogie Board e-writers

understand that black Crayola scratch paper you cherished as a child? the kind you drew on with a timber stick to expose a rainbow of colors simply underneath the surface? This next product is type of like that, simplest way extra high-tech. the brand new Jot 4.five and Scribble N' Play e-writers from Boogie Board have liquid crystal display (lcd) displays that children draw on with digital pens. The display at the Scribble N' Play is multicolored, and when you draw on it with the digital pen (which looks as if a plastic crayon), the impact is wonderfully colorful. The Jot 4.5 has a translucent screen, which makes it the best floor to exercise tracing numbers and letters (a hard and fast of appropriately sized ABC and 123 flash cards comes with the e-writer). each products are due out in July. The Jot 4.five will retail for $20 and the Scribble N' Play will sell for $30.

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