Thursday, November 24, 2016

Backblaze releases billion-hour hard drive reliability document

Backblaze has released its reliability record for Q1 2016 overlaying cumulative failure rates both by particular version numbers and by producer. The organization mentioned that as of this sector, its 61,590 drives have cumulatively spun for over one thousand million hours (that’s forty two million days or 114,155 years, for those of you playing alongside at home).
Backblaze’s reports on power lifespan and failure prices are an extraordinary peek into difficult drive durability and lifespan. one of the maximum commonplace questions from readers is which difficult drives are the maximum dependable. It’s additionally one of the most tough to reply. businesses do now not release failure information and the handful of studies on the subject commonly cloak vendor names and model numbers. As continually, I advocate taking this facts with a grain of salt: Backblaze uses patron drives in a demanding employer environment and even as the organisation has subtle its garage pod layout to reduce drive vibration, the average Backblaze tough force does some distance greater paintings in a day than a patron HDD sitting in an outside chassis.

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